The Risks

"I can burn coal in my stove? If all of our stoves are designed to burn all types of solid fuel. How to control the entry of air in my oven? As mentioned above, wood or other solid fuel needs air so you can burn efficiently. (Similarly see: Simon Pagenaud). It is important to always be aware of the flames in your stove, intense flames mean that the combustion air factor is perfect, and some plain low intensity and a lot of smoke inside the combustion chamber are signs that you need to let more air in your range. A bad burn can result in the accumulation of tar in the chimney which would increase the risks of what is known as chimney fire, it is very important to close the air vents at night before bedtime. Tony Parker is open to suggestions. Do I need a coal-burning Parilla my Wood stove? The coal burns better on a wire rack in cast iron stoves grill is almost always made of the same material, grilled spaces let the air get helping coal combustion. It is very important not to let the ashes block these vents. Most wood stoves have a mechanism for you to move the grill and remove the excess ashes. How do I keep my new stove? A stove is like a machine and need regular inspections, with these 8 steps will take your for many years in good conditions.

1. The grill has to be always in perfect condition, if the notes warped, cracked or cracked soon have to change a damaged grill can get stuck in the stoves which would result in a general range. 2. If the stove is in a fireplace to make sure that all the bricks are well made and there are no vents, it could crack and break the stove. 3. Ensure there are no holes in the ash deposit, this could damage the folder or the floor of your room or to start a fire. 4. Checker provided security seals windows and vents, to change if they are bad or broken.

5. A wood stove will never throw water on the glass if these hot is pending. 6. Inspect the stain of your range, if dog notes over time the dye is of taking off, remove what is taking off with a cloth dye cast metal and resists high temperatures or polish. 7. Always inspect the cracked windows, cracked the window panes make the stove loses efficiency. 8. In the summer always leave a window or an air inlet open to avoid condensation and fungus growth on your stove. Now you you have everything you need to keep your in perfect condition for years and years.

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