Three Twilight Movies

Current information about the sales figures of the twilight saga. Not only the novels brought high sales figures, also the movies the twilight trilogy managed to get insanely high sales figures. And that is known not only in the United States, Twilight in Austria and Germany. Actually all over the world. Everywhere you could date back to very high sales figures.

Twilight fans could not understand why this movie experience so long coming is in Germany. But finally, the Twilightwelle has collected also Germany. Hardly ran the first movie in the cinemas, the record sales figures soared. They are all curious, because a mortal girl falls into a vampire and turned around. A beautiful story that is not new but never, so when twilight was used in the scene.

Sales of the book alone speak volumes. And so it was that several million books were sold in the United States. Since January 2009, the blockbuster is now already running in German cinemas. Because he is close to the novel, many admirers will find their way This film event to watch. Even the twilight DVD premiere breaks all records. It was a midnight premiere, where eagerly waiting for the fans to keep the coveted DVD finally in the hands. Thus, Twilight creates the top 5 of the US DVD premieres. And in Germany there is no different. The original soundtracks of the Twilightreihe are also very desirable. Here you can book also record sales figures. And they don’t want to end up. The Twilightfieber has broken out everywhere. Actually say according to the sales figures, that a true Twilightmanie has broken out in Germany. You can find the high sales figures also at twilight fan merchandise. Online stores such as, provide the market with abundant products around Robert Pattinson and the popular series of vampire films.

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