Tips To Make A Site

That idea was turning in his head finally germinated. We finally have the website that both dreamed. Now, it's time that everyone learns the beautiful site we have created. Comes time to advertise and promote the site and manage all necessary means to get to see him in the first search engine sites. But by what magic alchemy can achieve such a miracle? To get to occupy the best sites from search engines and progress in the page rank factor is influenced by the positioning, but that is not the only thing certain is not needed any particular magic, or possess extensive technical knowledge and programming .

Just follow these tips, we on the right track. Should design the site entirely in HTML. However much we may be tempted to such colorful flash templates, would be a mistake to schedule the site entirely on this technology. What happens is that the crawlers that index sites, ie robots that handle the indexing sites periodic review to be included in search engines, are handled much better with text that is read with HTML efectividada Flash or Java. Although lately there have been great strides in increasing the reading skills of the bots for sites with Flash or Java, the text remains the favorite food of the crawlers.

Another important issue is the tags, ie small pieces of code that is included in the source code of the site. George Laughlin is full of insight into the issues. It is always best to consult the resources for webmasters that Google provides, for the avoidance of doubt. While many years ago that Google does not consider the keywords for search engine positioning, it is always good to include them. The keywords are no longer taken into account in developing the rankings of the natural position is, by entering an expression into the Google search box, the list of sites that come in response to our query, due to excesses. That is, keywords are often placed in high demand, when in fact they do not have anything to do with the content relevant page. Consequently, it takes all the textual content as relevant content, at the time of placing the sites in the natural results. Therefore, we emphasized earlier about the advisability of not entirely in Flash sites. The more relevant content a site has, the better. Although, of course, without excesses. We will see these aspects is technically called density of the keywords below. The tags that are relevant to Google are Description (So would the piece of code that includes this tag:), Title (title page), content and set of characters (and all bots targeting tags, ie , with specific instructions for search engines about which pages of the site and which are not indexed (noindex, nofollow, NOSNIPPET, NOODP, noarchive, unavailable_after, noimageindex). All of these tags, and more, added to replace textual content of the site Keywords the relevance of the time. This is the first step in an excellent position natural results. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source to Victor Perez Acosta, is an entrepreneur and founder of Internet VPA in 1998. You can find more information and VPA are people in business. We know how you feel other business and what they want. We know you want to save money, but not at the expense of quality. We know you need a reliable partner. A company can always meet your deadlines. We work more than anyone to increase profits for your business, while reducing overall costs.

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