Tornado Potato At Anuga Successfully Presented

Innovative business idea from the Tiger State of South Korea: with a tiny investment for restaurateurs, attract new customers! The financial crisis, too many competitors, boring menus, rising operating costs and gradually falling sales? Here is a key for you to break the cycle. The tornado potato. A new product meets a new business idea. As you’ll notice on the name involves a potato product, which will be established on the market in 2010. This potato looks like a whirlwind, and tastes quite different than ordinary French fries. In October 2009, the innovative product was presented by Krommer GmbH on the world’s largest gastronomic fair Anuga for the first time. The company and the new product were presented in the WDR television.

The reason: The product has attracted a big sensation at the fair. Visitors from all neighbouring halls to tasting and have recommended the product. What is behind this? The tornado potato has attracted not only the attention of the audience, but the guests with the sensational taste delights. The taste comes not only from the fresh potato, but above all by the frying mixture, and the various variations of sauces, which the manufacturer has developed specially for the real tornado potato. The preparation is quite simple; almost like normal fries. First, the potato is raised with the patented machine spiral.

Once immersed in the frying mixture, it is immersed in hot oil for a fixed time. If one removes it after some time there, then the product tastes the customers according to own statements so knappern spicy chips and eating crunchy golden brown fries with tasty sauce. The French fries, which you can enjoy in almost every restaurant and snack, have established themselves as the most popular potato product in Europe twist potato on Germany TV news since the first world war. However, it will gradually boring for the guests. Because their taste and appearance are always the same. The tornado potato can replace the boring French fries. Be the first importer experience has shown that the most benefit and of course supported by Krommer GmbH with practical advice. For restaurants and food operators are looking for new, tasty extra menus, or someone who wants to go into the catering business, the tornado potato will be a solution! This is shown by the previous demonstration days.

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