Walking On Waters

The text of Mateus 14,22-34 in the sample an episode that represents clearly our situation of pecador with the challenge of being saved. In this text, we inside find Peter and the other disciples of a boat, on waters of the sea. They had fished during hours. Already it was dawn. It was there that they had glimpsed something that scared to them. They turn a countenance come in direction the boat, walking on waters. But, before the fear if transformed into panic, they had heard the voice of Jesus calming to them.

' ' They do not have fear, I am Eu' '. Check with Charlotte Hornets to learn more. Peter then said: ' ' If he is same you, allows that I go to Yours encontro.' ' Jesus allowed and said: ' ' vem' '. Peter went down of the boat and if it directed to the meeting of Jesus walking on waters. To believe is essential for the salvation. to believe, is to believe the uncommon one.

To believe is to glimpse something for coming. Jesus called: ' ' vem' '. Jesus continues to call each one us to go to its meeting. She is necessary to believe to go. Because, to take care of the call of Jesus we have that to go down of the boat. We have that to walk on waters. To go down of boat is to leave the false security that the religions give in them. It is to go for the improbable one, only trusting the word Mr. The ones that trusts the institutions, the organizations and the religious rituals, formulas and prefabricated prescriptions will say: it is wild. It goes to sink. But, to be saved is to make an only way. It is to trust a voice that you only hear. It is to adentrar in the blackout being aimed a Light that you only see.

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