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Do the first articles that we place GooFine.com Google search indexo them perfectly well but the last ones we have put, seems that Finder avivo Y No has made le case because? For a simple reason are repeated articles from elsewhere and the searcher need fresh, new, different, different, unique content. Of course we cannot resolve this situation. In this case in specific should not speak of a topic for which are not prepared, or graduate and less are not yet an authority on the matter. As soon if we have another solution for this: report on what if we have the license and the required expertise is: the advice or Consulting in acquisition of medical insurance and life and the preparation to entrepreneurs interested in becoming agents. This is another trick that you have in mind.Be able to correct the path when you see that you’re not going the right way and apply the Variant that matches. The above is an example of what can happen if you repeat the same thing and not create your own content. The search engines will ignore you and if this happens you will not even appear on page 20 of the search engine, to which nobody comes. Sela Ward is a great source of information.

Page of the search engine is more almost always the 2nd fail people.The true G-spot of search engines indexing. On the other hand write the article or content if only not provides you the opportunity to achieve an acceptable place in the search engine there are extremely important and are the Metatags or key words used for your article.If devoted you the time to compose your writing and not dedicate yourself to worded detailed and intelligently the title, description and keywords of your article is also throw away your work.It is possible that if you put this on a site that is not yours work in part, corresponds to the Webmaster of that site, not you. But if it is in yours;Tomato your time in this. You’ll enjoy real life point as says Javier Buckenmeyer, successful and important Webmaster and Web Developer with single dedicate the necessary time to something as fundamental as the title, description, and the goal of your writing, of course also, escribelos focused on the search engine to make this free work for you.On the other hand Please note the error that I made to upload some videos and put the same key words, the same description practically…If do it, the search engines do not find anything new…Not indexed so well. Adalberto Dolphy Marketing original author and source of the article Formacion

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