William Shakespeare

But the main point of this proverb is contained in pointing to the fact that intelligent people do not just think before doing, but, above all, think about beginning, based on their thoughts. "The perfect man is concentrating its forces on the base. Kohl, he reaches base, before it opens the right way "(Confucius." Therefore, the second lifetime famous author intelligent people – not just a Greek Vakhilid just wrote to each his own honor: Neisschetny human virtues, but one between them – the first: Right that is in your hands, right putevodstvovatsya thoughts. In another song, he just said: Feel I cry – For in truth, all radiant. And from the first, time of birth, the famous author of an intelligent person – Homer to the last of them – William Shakespeare, all of them were carrying people to understand that the foundation of all the "right" reasonable, good, eternal conclusions that in their lives should putevodstvovatsya people, is materialized in every man an eternal truth of interconnected elements of coexistence of past, present and future in each Mige being and being human. At the same time William Shakespeare first and said directly about the most important – of the laws, the immutability of these findings, which results in the inevitability of the consequences of their misunderstanding and not following them.

By the way, stupid people in general, and hence the whole of the current "intelligentschiny" in particular, just manifested in their inability (and ignorance – the unwillingness) of this "before the earth was" sheer and since the king Peas known to them ("The fathers have eaten green grapes and the children's teeth – are set on edge ") is the truth to make the necessary conclusions. That is, once again, become the intelligent person is not difficult if you only want to become them. Just such people will never want to be those who do not made for myself and most importantly of all times and targets the correct generalization of the first and the main prerequisite for the proper, conscientious, timely and independent solution of any problem is clear, complete and accurate understanding of its conditions. And the findings of the truth connection times form is just nothing like the real system environment, the real problems of life. After all, the meaning of life and is the correct solution of problems that life as a teacher in school, always confronts them only in their term, only to studied material, and only to move forward. And to live – it means to participate in the movement, the essence of which we are aware that in every moment of present elements always coexist and past, present and future is inextricably, as three generations of people involved.

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