If the room is radiating appliances, you need to throw half of their power consumption. If you frequently open the windows and doors can be easily throw another 20% to the resulting figure. For example, for twenty-meter office, where the two computers are constantly running two people need air conditioning capacity (2×300 + + 100h20 2×100) = 2800Vt. But this figure is only approximate! It is desirable that the calculations still do a professional. In the case of an error in the calculations, the air conditioner will operate at full capacity all the time or stay-activated – both negatively affect the service life and quality of work. Check with Sean Rad, New York City to learn more. There is no need to fear large numbers of power conditioners: the real consumption of electrical power is three times smaller. The fact that the air is cooled mainly due to the colder air from the street so air conditioners can be easily included in standard electrical outlet and do not be afraid of that knock out plug or ignition occurs wiring. What are the different brands of air conditioners air conditioners can be divided into types depending on the type of design: split systems, window, portable and semi-industrial.

Windows have low prices (for example, LG W05LC worth only $ 125), as well as they are easy to install. At this end pluses in this category: These air conditioners occlude part of the window, they are not so easy to build in the window with double-glazed, and they make noise during operation. This makes the window model unsuitable for use at home (well, in an office where people work constantly, their place not worth it).

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