With The Subway And The Bus

Public transport is the easiest and best way through New York City, there is hardly a comparison with other cities in America with regard to means of public transport in New York City. Because there they cut perfectly. But otherwise it was not. There are only a few who have even a private car in such a huge city metropolis. >Exxon Mobile Corporation. And those who do it, spend most of their time in the legendary New York traffic jam. The public transport system are not only more environmentally friendly alternative, but for the vast majority of the inhabitants also an indispensable means of transport and therefore no longer indispensable from the city. If you’re on the way to the most popular sights of New York as well as the Freiheitsstatute, you have even the choice between two modes of transport, which can use at the same price and with the same tickets and even still arbitrarily combine.

The New York City buses at the visitors aren’t the New York buses although often equal to the first choice, but on certain routes, especially at short distances, take them the best. Also for people who have difficulty climbing stairs, the buses are a better alternative. The New York subway is almost always the fastest means of transport. Because the subway in New York offers a network of 26 lines and connects places at 468 stations on a route of all 842 miles. It is the largest underground network in the world. The subway opened in 1904 in New York City.

Therefore, it is also one of the oldest subways in the world. Alone on an ordinary working day, Metro used the New York of more than 5 million people. In addition Metro is worldwide the New York one of the few networks that over 24 hours is in operation on the day the whole year.

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