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The only way of God to operate is by means of Its Palavra' '. Certain occasion, God taught this principle to me in the practical one, when I was called to pray for a young completely demoniac paralytic and. This fact occurred in day 23 of December of 1990, to 17h of the afternoon. It found me jejuando and praying, as of custom, in the temple, when my wife and the Rosana sister Relative, Cooperadora in the workmanship, to call had come me to pray for a young paralytic. Its relatives were aflitos, therefore it was in a deplorable state, tormented for a legion of demons. Its paralysis age of demonic nature. I was until the house of the young paralytic.

Arriving there, vi the state of panic of the youngster, but trusting fully the promises infallible of the Word of God, April the Bible and I read what chapter is written in Landmarks 16 versicles 17-20. I gave emphasis in versicles 17,18. Soon after the reading and the brief explanation, I spoke for all trusting the Word: ' ' Today God will free this young for the power of the name of Jesus' '. After this affirmation of faith, we adentramos in one room to pray and to exert the faith in the promise of the Word: In my name they will banish demons. When I started to pray, based not on mine jejum or my conjunct, but in the promises of the Word, he came on me a so powerful unction that he coated me of a supernatural authority. Then I looked the eyes in the young (Amarildo was called) and said: Jesus to free goes you now! I imposed my hand on the youngster and prayed the promise of the Word: Sir, you said in your word: in My Name they will banish demons. Suddenly the young was possessed for a legion of demons and started if to beat in the soil.

I commanded that they were aquietassem and they had obeyed the command voice. I asked for the head of the legion: Which is your name? It answered, esturrando as a fierce animal: I am Lucifer! I go to kill it! I said: The Satan! It leaves this young and it takes with you the paralysis that you put in it, on behalf of JESUS. Immediately, the Satan and its legion had left. As soon as I banished the Satan and its legion from the life of the Amarildo, it fainted, then, however, one recovered. Then, I exerted my faith in the Word and caught for its right hand, saying: It raises and it walks! In the same instant, the young walked and is walking until today! Glory the God! As he is tremendous to jejuar and to pray trusting the promises of the Word of God! This expedincia, at the beginning of my ministry, taught to me when he is extraordinary to jejuar and to pray solely trusting the promises that are contained in the Sacred Bible, the infallible Word of God is therefore that I am fan of the Bible. Therefore, the consecration man must to be compromissado with the study and the daily reading of the Bible, so that it can know its promises and take ownership of them in conjunct in the presence of God. (Of the Book: jejum to the Light of the Biblical Context,

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