YouTube Entertainment

We also have the famous YouTube, which is a page where you can watch videos from music to political debates. It is said that YouTube had a great influence in the elections of the United States among young people especially, because the material on YouTube is influenced positively or negatively to candidates. Novelists opinions are not widely known. (Colma, 2007). On this page anyone can upload videos, and go there several celebrities, who does not remember Edgar de Monterrey with his a Ya wey a In entertainment we also have the TV and the Internet can be seen, as they discuss the I am a fan now beginning to see the TV series, so if I miss a few episodes in the normal TV, I can easily find it online. Because obviously, when this series there are always favorite things to do, typical.

a One of the activities that are growing online shopping, called E-Commerce. This practice has grown significantly in recent years as for 2008 is expected to grow 70% in sales for the year 2007 (AMIPCI, 2007). The main sale is in the area of tourism, such as airline ticketing and reservations hotels and travel packages. Internet sales are increasing in popularity, although there is still mistrust between the Internet to make purchases by this method, since it is necessary to give details of credit cards to make purchases, which creates distrust. a If it is important to note that they are trusted sites, and these pages usually have certificates such as Verisign, which are constantly renewed to ensure that the data provided are safe.

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