Study English

The Mediterranean island of Malta, synonymous with sea, Sun and sand is nowadays an idiomatic destination that combine learning English with moments of fun and enjoyment. As it unveils the Malta Feedback survey, conducted by the specialized magazine Study Travel Magazine, Spaniards and Italians are nationalities with the largest presence on the island for two reasons: similarity in the Mediterranean life style and economic cost similar to the country of origin. 41% Of students who arrive in Malta to study English found your program of study through the Internet and in turn 50% of the students come to the island from the hands of an agency of languages who undertakes to carry out all procedures and formalities both English course and accommodation. An example of this is the portal that offers the opportunity of studying in St Julians, a popular destination among young people due to the large number of bars, restaurants and establishments located along the coast and framed by unbeatable views. In addition St Julians residents are known for their friendliness and warm welcome to visitors and students and good example of this is that 81% of students arriving at Malta is easy or very easy to practice English with local people.

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