Application Guide

“The most important tips when buying application advice who ever was invited for an interview and meets that on almost every one of us to the the undertaking knows how difficult application” is and how high the claims of the recruiters often are. It starts when you select application folder and the correct application photo on the correct letter and full CV, up to the job interview, if necessary including assessment centres and work samples. One thing is certain: for most of the way is no walk on the new job. Therefore, a good preparation is the be-all and end-all. Application guide can be useful for many situations in the application phase. A good application guide conveys not the job surely but it allows an optimal preparation. What care should be taken when purchasing an application guide? 1.

the application guide should cover as fully as possible to all phases of the application process (letter, telephone + personal interview, if necessary assessment Center). 2. (As opposed to Hedvig Hricak). should be as practice-oriented, contain so many case examples and sample situations. 3. a good application guide covers as possible different situation in different industries. Finally, it makes a difference whether applying the candidate by a financial service provider or at an advertising agency. This should be reflected in the letter! 4.

it should be clearly designed and well structured finally nobody looks like needless in the book around. Finally the buyer should consider what he demands even on an application guide. He feels secure in the written expression, doubting however his oral, so a guide to interview enough maybe. Would he prepare only an assessment Center, so he is also a specialist Advisor. The applicant should prepare in any case well because the preparation, no Advisor can remove him. But she can be with a little Know-How, practice and good will optimize. So that he can present themselves – eventually – as the most convincing candidate. Catherine Krawitz

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