Beyond The Cave

For Adilson Motta It is undeniable, when we study the epistemolgica evolution of the concepts and in these, the sistmico agreement of as if processed and if it adjusted the human knowledge to the periods of training where if it finds and to perceive that the construction of the knowledge was not given of isolated form, and yes of retaken of generation the generation throughout the centuries of ' ' shoulders in ombros' ' , as Isaac said Newton. One also concludes that the humanity lives in constant changes, mainly from the moment where the man if appropriates of the scientific knowledge, what he propitiates to more still construct knowledge to it and in the age of the Internet. In the primrdios, without the knowledge gamma that today we possess, the man if found prisoner in the cave of the ignorance, customs and traditions. The circumstances and necessities it arrebataram the perception and look for of the knowledge, of the new. is there, glimpsed the brightness of the things and the world that went well beyond the walls surrounded that it.

One uncovered that the world was not one redoma nor one well whose waters do not flow nor flows. This world was a river to flow, in continuous movement and that this, per centuries is imprisoned to the rudimentos of the darknesses for that they held the candelabrum? that it shone with the colors of the vile metal for the kingdom of the land. Perhaps they had kept the blackout on the centuries of generations for ideological reasons, fearing to lose cajado and the power of domination and usufruio on that they feared the hell? In the deep one of the human spirit, a flash clamava for the release whose key was the knowledge and clarification of the peoples. One uncovered that the cave forbade and overshadowed ' ' olhos' ' the spirit of that lived there.

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