By choosing a motorcycle should be treated seriously, so you do not regret the purchase. All motorcycles are divided into cheppery, road, sport-bikes, hiking and cross bikes. Cheppery-bikes started in the American style. As normally boarding cheppera makes gray with straight, outstretched arms and legs. Characteristic features of this long-cheppera fork, low seating position, wide rear wheel. Engines start with chepperov 400sm2 and reach 1800sm2. Cheppery designed for leisurely, imposing travel. The most widely-known firm producing chepperov – a Harley-Davidson.

Road motorcycles, motorcycles with straight driving position and comfort-oriented trips city. Road bikes are versatile vehicles, are renowned for their ease of operation and reliability. Available in different cubature from 150 to 1300sm2. Sportbike – the fastest of all classes, but the most sophisticated bikes in management. To ride, sportbike need to have management skills and experience.

Motorcycle Recalls landing position "embryo" and makes the driver go into the prone position to reduce counter air resistance at high speeds. With such a landing tires easily spin and it can not ride for long distances. Sportbike has better maneuverability, braking efficiency and dynamics acceleration. Modern motorcycles can accelerate to 100km. hours for 3-5sec. Big disadvantage of this technique for costly maintenance. Tourer – designed for more comfortable travel for long distances, have a comfortable trip driver and passenger. Travel motorcycles are the richest in the functional equipment and staffed by such means as cruise control, ABS, stereo. Motocross motorcycles – Kings of the terrain. Usually as easy as possible, have a two-stroke engines and solid frame. Also motocross motorcycles equipped with a special off-road suspension and tires with high tread. This Motorcycle category is not designed for driving on public roads. To finalize the choice of a kind bike, you can first take each of them for hire. Our rental bikes offers cheppery, road and sports motorcycles.

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