So focalizate and concentrate all your effort into one, the best way to get results. Once elected, it is good that you have analyzed the negative parts of the project. But only that, should not go there, knowing that there is and nothing more. Do not find anything and has no negative sides. Then, once you know that it is, go ahead. Finally the most important, it only remains to start the new venture. But we have to start it now, NOW is the time. Many times it is expected the moment to do this or that.

But the timing, right time, timing, timing advantage … Please visit San Antonio Spurs if you seek more information. … we may never arrive. If you expect that time comes you will see how it escapes time and your venture is without its implementation. The time is NOW The present moment is sometimes unacceptable, harsh or unpleasant, but you know, it is best to accept it, so and so es.Tu time is now, is today the present. The past or the future will not forge your actions or your decisions.

The past are memories of another time of other events and the future are just promises or proposals. Anyway the two are just illusions futile. The real, tangible, palpable is the present, today, now, that's what you really need. Nothing I've done what you've done outside of now. Do not feel depressed, confused or undecided. At the beginning we said that the projects, the enterprises, the challenges are there to take them, then we take them. How far do you take? there is nothing worse than uncertainty. Finally tell you that I have only just taking your venture forward know the truth. There is no other way, though you may have a hundred different ways. For you, only your way there … The wise man is he who lives by acting, not acting or thinking about what will happen when he is acting. Carlos Castaneda. Pursue enthusiasm, with joy, with energy, so close: only way to achieve an end furthest. Hebbel Well, no doubt this is your time and today is the day. Good luck. Eduardo Blanco.

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