Ceramic Coated Aluminum Magnesium

Naturally, the model of the upper series is the focus of proprietary technologies. Acoustics Platinum differs from the other speakers Monitor Audio primarily using tape rf emitter – the company developed and manufactures its own. The finest metal strip produced with the technology-CAM (Ceramic Coated Aluminum Magnesium) and combines the functions of sound coil and radiating membrane, oriented in the field of high-power neodymium magnets. Medium-and low-frequency head, realizing technology rdt (Rigit Diaphragm Technology), also differ substantially from the emitters applied to other product lines. Basis of Nomex with a relief surface, simulating a cellular structure that connects the finest (half as thin hair) dome C-CAM; according to the company, effectively damps Nomex diaphragm, which is due to cellular structure is even higher (in comparison with other C-CAM-cones) the ability to resist bending effects, the magnetic speaker system and neodymium.

The front panel design midrange – elongated hood in the form of melon (technology Tapered Line Technology), – as well as support columns are made of good opposing resonances thermoset composite with mineral supplements. Housing wall of the original geometry of the company manufactures laminated pressing in a special form of thin plates mdf. Design provides rigidity steel threaded ties with tensioners – they are rigidly connect the front and rear of the column (on the back You can see the nut tensioners). Worthy of attention and Bass-PL200: grooves on the surface of the channel, which is shaped like a lily flower (technology HiVe), help to reduce the turbulence of the air jets and, accordingly, the noise port.

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