Chords – All About The Chords For Guitar

In our time, is very popular musical instrument such as guitar. And every beginner guitar, there is a relevant question: 'How to play guitar? " Playing the guitar is as follows: 1. Sound extracted by striking the strings with his fingers. 2. To vary the sound in the right direction using clamping the strings on some frets. 3. A gripping several strings on the frets is gripping chords.

Here we come to the most important part of the article. Chord – a combination of several dissimilar musical sounds played simultaneously. For example, holding – 2u string on first fret – the third string on the second fret – 4yu string on the second fret: and banging on the strings, we we sound the chord Am. Why is there all right? Frets as time and create a clear line of musical sounds. Here's another good example, which must come an understanding of: the first string in the open position provides a sound 'Mi' first string, sandwiched on the first fret, the sound gives music 'Fa' first string, sandwiched on the second fret gives the sound of music 'F sharp' first string, sandwiched on the third fret, the sound gives music 'Salt'. Ie pressing the string to the fret, we reduce its length, ie, improves its tone. To sum up a little: To play a chord, you need to tighten certain strings at certain frets. View the full list of chords and graphically see how they can be clamped using table of chords.

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