Distinctive Features

In summer 1992 the word 'trance' suddenly became a mass usage. Transom became known as melodic electronic music that does not beat on the head, as stupid techno, and entailed. Rhythm became very easy, and the overall atmosphere – the air and transparent. If the dense sound of techno can be compared with barbed concrete sculpture, which weighs its massive and hard-edged, the trance – this is the view from the window of the blue distance. Trans touted as the new pop music type. Like mushrooms after rain, there were new labels, respectable newspapers and magazines groaned that young people got sick of a new disease – techno music. By making a trance all joined forces Producers in Western Europe.

Trans was monstrously popular: it was 1993 – 1994 years – is the moment when the masses finally discovered Techno. After five years it went underground to the surface. Characteristic way in translagere were all those who directly participated in the Acid-boom of the late 80's. Sam recipe e-trance was established much earlier. Gentle atmospheric and psychedelic buzzing modulations, against which the silver rush synth chords, the wind blows, waterfall roars, screams ostrich and gently pounding drums, wild African tribes that have already been applied in full swing music style new-age.

Trance, and there is nothing like a slightly accelerated new-age. Therefore, the new 'techno couture' was nothing more than a Giants attempt a success impose a new generation of consumers sound mid-80's. But maybe just the opposite point of view – a new generation of consumers has finally grown to understand the beauty and Wonderland psychedelic new age.

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