There are still Dedkov in Russian villages. Natasha – my wife's girlfriend – has consistently intermeddle a different story. The other day she wanted to with his girlfriend, just to relax after working day in the nervous kafeshke. Took them to beer, smoke, not bothering anyone, talk. Suddenly to them at the table falls grandfather.

Personality of sixty or seventy, with a view 'has long been my youth', smells like mothballs and slegontsa . And, surprisingly: starts reading the poems. C profound expression. Tony Parker might disagree with that approach. About rebellious love. Apparently, his own composition. Natasha, trying not to laugh, makes no attempt to cover a wide menu. Girlfriend just petrified. request to stop the girls did not seem to hear on wary glances other visitors cafe pays no attention to her.

Do not stop reading. Quite loudly, trying to drown the music. Several times ran to the manager, asked music diminished and the right and left swearing. Then sit down again to her friends and went straight into their face yelling his poetry, because the music did not want to drop. Finally, with the next table stood a man about 40 years, took the Granddaddy under elbow, brought out into the street to chat. After five minutes triste returned to the room, shot a glance at her, and said quietly: 'if you wish big and pure love, follow me! " Then he proudly threw his head, straightened his old man's back and without looking left cafes. Have not gone more old people in our villages. If the story you had to taste, you can pay attention to this: 'cheer and strange this country States of America. "

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