Great Route

Like one of the most famous monuments of Madrid, the symbolic avenue of the Great one Via, is changing of nature with more stores and less cinemas and coffees. Near the Great one Via, also it is possible to find many of the best discotheques in Madrid, that manage to take care of and to satisfy the needs with entertainment to all the people who arrive at the city. The project of creation of an ample avenue by the center of Madrid was conceived recently more of a century, in 1907, and it was begun to work three years later. This project was inspired by the great avenues of Paris, but it finished with a much more American tendency. Doubtless, when the people ask that to visit in Madrid, the Great one Via is the first option that occurs to tourists and travellers them. After decades of possibilities extremely limited, the architects, suddenly managed to introduce the new tendencies and then the first skyscrapers of Spain appeared in the Great one Via, offering it soothes for the banks and other institutions financiers who were based on the Spanish capital. At present, the Great Route has a more tourist aspect and of entertainment, it is for that reason that many coffees, bars, restaurants and discotheques in Madrid, are located in this sector.

Also many hotels this located Great bristle to Via of Madrid, obtaining taking care of thousands of tourists who arrive every year with the purpose of to be able to cross all the tourist corners of the city. For those who wish to rent a car when they arrive at the city, she is for that reason that can easily be found cars of occasion in Madrid. In the decade of 1980, the lost avenue much of its elegance, with restaurants of fast food that replaced the traditional coffees. Now, almost all the cinemas have become stores fashionable and are cloggings of traffic to all hours of the day and the night due to the cars of occasion in Madrid, the noise levels are higher than ever and is difficult to make a way through the multitude, but nevertheless the Great Route is an essential part of Madrid. Many people who wish to know good places tourist and wish to know how that to visit in Madrid, must have the Great one Via like an interesting alternative of tourism, food, recreation, history and entertainment. It does not forget that by day it is possible to find many restaurants and coffees, arranged to offer good attention to the clients, but at night, the atmosphere changes by a celebration climate and the discotheques in Madrid catch their lights to offer unforgettable moments.

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