For anybody it is a secret that, as a rule, Hollywood usually awards the comercialidad and the politically correct over the quality and sharp critic. In the universe of Broadway that rule did not use to be as obvious as in oscars although in the last decades, with honorable exceptions, the list of triumphant in the Tony prizes (equivalent to the Oscar of Hollywood) kept awake too much weakness by the lightest works and with guarantees of triumph preceded by successes in London scenes. But this year, the musical comedy book of Mormon (the book of Mormn), the past awarded Monday in New York with nine tonys, has demonstrated that the talent of two outsiders considered politically incorrect, very ruthlessly critics and excessively foulmouthed, also can be seen recognized by an industry that seems to have remembered of blow that the greatness of Broadway resided in its capacity to reflect, without tapujos, the most complex pulsiones of the feeling of a society. Source of the news: : The musical comedy enters the new one was of the incorrect thing.

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