Indian 'masterpieces' looks schoolboy crafts next to the works of Chinese masters. It is curious why with more or less quiet atmosphere in the evening of the crime on the streets are practically no women. The third sense of the cloud-candy-pink color appeared after the first week. I would call it a sense of peace and acceptance. Once in the store, I asked: 'is it possible to get something.

" I was told that it is possible, but is currently not available. It was not sarcasm, it was a real Indian response. Neotritsanie, forward movement, the hope … The key word in The reply – 'MAYBE'. I do not know whether the right of every tourist I feel like writing about this wonderful country.

Perhaps the only Hindu in the media view can fully explain what is going on. An example of this somewhat surprising phenomena in the life of Bombay. The city is the world's largest laundry in the open. Its area is about half a square kilometer. All this space is divided into stone cabins, they are several thousand. Customers bring huge bales of things and sort things inspector by color. No tags, allowing the owner to tie the thing does not exist. After sorting things start to their route on the stone maze. Washerwomen (do not know what to call them in the masculine gender) instead of soap use the heavy cudgel, which mercilessly beating up dirty things. They say that after two washes the weight thing is halved. Then all hung out to dry, and then comes the miraculous and unexplainable – things are returned to the owner. How can anyone determine what return I could not understand. The Indians told me that those who work here is good memory for short periods of time. I have this response satisfied. In India, not decided to eat in the canteen and working men prefer homemade food. Special messengers obbegat housewives at noon and received from them absolutely the same type sudochki collect on a long stick. With this baggage on his shoulder they continue their run through the streets, meeting at intersections with other messenger, sharing with them pots, depending on the direction of delivery. How food gets to the right place for me remains a mystery. All the while attended by a burning desire to recommend Federal Express to send their experts here on refresher courses. Indians explain their success in this area as a good memory. The last episode describes an Indian utility. I was in Bombay a few temples. No architectural delight, I did not. But here's the process donations very much. At the entrance to the temple every believer to buy a small box of fruit, sweets and flowers. If desired, it can add a bit of money there. In the temple a special box transfer minister, which places her at the foot of the statue of the deity. After a few seconds everything goes back to the believer with the exception of money (very few people put them there). The meaning of this ceremony that a person brings gifts of God, and God treats him dishes from his table. Thus, a sense of duty after tasting the joys of donations supplemented by eating sweets. All my 'pink' week I bathed in the feeling blissfully quiet, refusing to comprehend what is happening. I no longer interfere with the smells and dirt in the streets, poor English or rogues-rickshaws. I just wanted to be here. Source India More of my articles and travel notes can be read at Solo tourism

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