Jamaica City

They can take photos and even filming the place. Apply for a route to the 021865143 phone, that is the Office where applications are received is recommended for greater security. To return to the town of Jamaica and hence to Guantanamo may take the same path used or if you want to return by different places and observe typical towns of the area, take the path that will lead to the village La Clarita (note your map and see at the Museum tract State which seeks to use for this tour). There is no difficulty with them take the road which will lead you to the villages Monte Verde, Vega del Toro, Caridad de los Indios and Vega Grande until you reach Manuel Tames horseshoe shaped. In any of these villages you can enjoy refreshments. You can then refer to the town of Jamaica, only 10 km from Manuel Tames. From there 9 km from Guantanamo, where will take some minutes to get separated it. This city is small but cozy.

You should go the same and visit the headquarters of the French Tomb, where you can watch traditional dances, the home of the Odio Benito Trova, where sometimes there are guitars workshops and presentations of traditional music and the Provincial Guantanamo Museum, installed in a neoclassical style building Since 1983, and where you can see elements of pre-Columbian Indians and more recent times, which are a testimony to the traditional history. Always to coordinate such visits refer in your hotel. The next next to Guantanamo city is Santiago de Cuba. There are so many interesting places to visit in that city that is recommended that you do a meticulous plan to not miss this opportunity. There are two possibilities of making this journey: by the South coast or inland. We recommend the first option but before it is very important where you will relax, at a point between the 120 km between Santiago and Guantanamo.

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