LEMONADE My last week was uncommon. I attended unusual spectacles. More information is housed here: Related Group. Of morning, it saw the sun to be born among the buildings, shy, slow, and suddenly it blew up in color and heat and to the afternoon could attend to the celebrity ' ' To put of the Sun of the Guaba' ' , without haste, without catching transit, hour to finish (by the way, it finished when the sun if put). Optimum E, had sun. I could be in the window following somebody hasty thing for I do not know what, while I did not need clock. I knew people of some faces and people without face none. I could evaluate the miseries human beings and its transitoriedade.

I had the chance of being the arms of who only had a hungry mouth. Vi the personalized faith and vi personalities without faith. I could say of God and speech with it. I could hear the purest feeling of a human being being given to the other, without needing packing. Balanced meals had been served me, could take a walk for the gardens, were attended in all my necessities and still I could correct some imperfections of the abdomen. Better E, at no cost some. I go to be legal with you, I will pass you the address of where I was: Street Ramiro Barcelos, 2350 Plaza Eduardo Zaccaro Faraco Phone: (51) 3359-8000 Porto Alegre – RS I took up quarters in the nineth floor for being next to the room to games, cinema and Internet and attended putting of the sun of 13 to walk. Ah! it went forgetting, if when binding to make its reserve, the operator to say: – HOSPITAL OF CLINICS, good afternoon. If it does not surprise, was there that I passed my last week. rs! rs! rs! rs! rs! rs! IT HAD THAT TO MAKE SOME THING WITH THE LEMON THAT I HAD IN THE HAND.

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