Literature Pleasure

To this respect Zilberman and Silva (1988, p.97) they comment: Instead of sponsoring scripts exclusively of> reading inhaled in this or that theory, the practical one of pertaining to school reading to center its reflection on the act concrete of reading in course in the space of the classroom and on the interpretations that occur there, the pertaining to school reading can be become into one practical one of instauration of meanings and, co this, transform the study of literature into the inquiry and the critical experience of the social passage fulfilled by its texts, its theories, its readings. Beyond providing to knowledge, the literature of the pleasure and purifica the emotions as it affirms the informing B when saying that: Literature, through the same word or of images, in them considers a transformation on what we think. from its functions we can appropriating in them of basic concepts of the art, producing effect aesthetic, beyond leaving our light and untied spirit. To read more click here: Margaret Loesser Robinson. That is, we can acquire pleasure, thus appearing, catarse. does not corrupt nor builds, therefore; but, bringing freely in itself what we call the good and what we call the evil, humaniza in deep direction, because makes to live. literature must be seen as an instrument of learning that develops the capacity of creation of the pupil and reader, therefore through it can know the world our return and create concepts on it. For informer C literature has the function to develop the creativity and to stimulate the habit of the reading, as well as improving the language and giving pleasure to the pupils. Talvaz the popular stories, historietas illustrated, the police romances or of layer-and-hides, the cinema ribbons, in such a way acts how much the school and the family in the formation of a child and an adolescent. informer D to see that the child to if coming across with literature, start to see a world of joy, fancy and from she awakes its imaginary one with the possibility of if also becoming writers there.

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