Modern Cosmetics

Welcome to the world to market domestic modern cosmetics are still very many are treated with suspicion, often justified. Already ten years in the Russian market successfully competing domestic brands, making emphasis on environmental and natural ingredients only their products, as well as the development of Soviet scientists finally have found good use. One such company – JSC "Myra M", which produces cosmetics care products for face and body, to prevent premature aging and preserve the beauty and health of the entire body – for more than 10 years of successfully developing and gaining new fans to the brand "Mirra Lux." Production Company "Mirra Lux" grew out of the laboratories of the State Center for Applied Microbiology and g.Obolenska from the outset adopted a policy on science. Today the company has over ten patents, it only among the Russian cosmetics companies who have the academic awards for his work in the field of medical biotechnology. At Charlotte Hornets you will find additional information. In the manufacture of cosmetics using only raw materials of vegetable origin, bee products, seafood, natural minerals, the products do not contain artificial preservatives and dyes. Scientific cosmetic company, which is an independent nonprofit Organization, was published rating cosmetics (rated natural products cosmetics companies). According to the rating company Mirra took 10th place in the world's natural, for example: 26th place – Green Mama, 30th place – Johnson & Johnson, 60 th place – Dove, 64 place – Londa, 76th place – Schwarzkopf & Henkel, 79th – Lumene, 83 place – Gillette, 98th – Vichy, 107 seats – Procter & Gamble, 124 place – Avon, 128 seats – Yves Rocher, 153 seat – L Oreal, 159 seats – Max Factor. . Credit: Sela Ward-2011.

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