Multitasking Navigation

It is safe to wander through the settings menu, or run the navigation, with musical accompaniment. Settings gps navigator 712 is rich in variety of settings: Set gps Navigation – browser for selecting the path to launching exe file navigation software. You can tick off automatic startup. Then when you turn gps navigator will load the program navigation. fm transmitter – designed to set the frequency transmission of sound in the fm band. When you set up your system on the same frequency as the gps receiver, you get the sound of gps navigator in your car's speakers.

Lighting – designed to adjust the backlight and set off-time illumination. After all, gps navigator has a large display, which means high power consumption. Therefore, in the settings of illumination provides power-saving mode. Language – preset 16 languages of various countries, including Russian. Status of gps – is to view the available satellites, checking signal strength and show nmea sequence. In conditions of poor visibility of satellites is recommended to use an active external gps antenna. Calibrating the Screen Adjust the volume.

Types of navigation software: It was tested with the following work programs. I-GO2006 with pre-standard resolution for a 7 inch display. I-GO2008, Autosputnik (These types of programs use the same maps of TeleAtlas – So use the one that you prefer.) Ozi Explorer – a program working with raster types of cards. This navigation software is suitable for use in places where there is no highways, and in places where there are no vector maps. Course of voice prompts, you can forget, but better programs for such a hike in the woods, I do not know. Raster maps freely downloaded from Mon Navitel-to date the largest selection of automotive map of Russia. gps navigator Logic Gear, pluses: Large 7 inch Availability mini usb to work with the program Active Sync FM-transmitter loud speaker Multitasking. No locks for installation of various software software. The presence of AV-inputs Cons gps Navigator Logic Gear Wear 712 7 inch gps navigator is not very convenient. Is not sufficiently high brightness of the display. Conclusion: It is very tempting offer in terms of price and quality. Big screen gives opportunity to make the car "mobile cinema" with the possibility. Ideal for those who prefer larger sizes as an alternative mobility. For selection of camera parking are advised to bring gps navigation to a the market and test the "live" image quality. Only then to buy such an accessory. Win ce 5.0 Provides the ability to support sd cards up to 4 gigabytes. Thus you can record to sd card a few favorite movies or clips. I at one time, wrote the tv series "Our Russia". Help improve the sound FM-transmitter. Although at high volume will crackle in the speakers. Built-in rechargeable battery makes the gps navigator logic gear 712 leader in its market segment. Since both similar 7-inch models are no autonomous power. And this, in my opinion, a big minus.

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