Olympia Hoffman Mannheim

The address opened site Trifanova Faith, a coloratura soprano. Besides the traditional resources for such a set of information (biography, repertoire, schedule of speakers, photos) on the site is laid out a considerable number of audio and video recordings of concert performances the singer, presented in formats avi, mp3, mpeg and wma. Among the recordings are classic coloratura arias as Koenigin Der Nacht Mozart, Olympia Hoffman, Zerbinetta Strauss, Adele Johann Strauss’s “pearls” and oratorio Baroque music Gloria In Excelsis Deo Handel, Stabat Mater Pergolesi, Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen Bach cantata and Qual mormorio giocondo Melanie. For more information see this site: Adam Sandler. In 2005, Vera Trifanova with honors from the opera school in Mannheim (Mannheim) (Germany), becoming a finalist for the training in Italy, Viotti (2003) Contest semi-finalist in the Queen Elisabeth of Belgium (2004), making his debut in opera houses in Baden-Baden (Baden-Baden) and Heidelberg (Heidelberg Staatstheater). Singer many concerts with opera and baroque repertoire with orchestras led by such Klaus Arp conductors (Klaus Arp), Heinz-Rudiger Drengemann (Heinz-Rudiger Drengemann), Klaus Ayzenmann (Klaus Eisenmann), Ronald Flows (Ronald Techet), Peter Schumann (Peter Schumann), Markus Zapp (Markus Zepp) and Volker Crist (Volker Christ). On the anniversary festival in Tsvingenberge (Zwingenberg) in 2007, she sang the Queen of Faith Nights in “Magic Flute” by Mozart, and a year later participated in the premiere production of Hands in the cave contemporary composer Karol Kribari (Carola Gribari) in Heidelberg (Heidelberg). This year, Faith Trifanova completing graduate of the Higher School of the Opera in Mannheim (Musikhochschule Mannheim).

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