Sevenload Games Channel With Browser Games Of POPMOG Extended

Berlin, April 20, 2010 the network of social media sevenload ( binds the browser games portal POPMOG ( in his ‘online games’-channel a Berlin, April 20, 2010 the network of social media sevenload ( binds the online games portal of POPMOG ( in its online games – channel. The sevenload users now have direct access to numerous POPMOG browser games online games. These include the tribes, the online football manager, for example, the very successful with worldwide more than four million active players strategy game TopLeague, and the known economic simulation industry Tycoon 2. Are also the users of sevenload through the status messages in the online games channel always latest information about activities in the games. “According to the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. is growing the online games market with currently 30 percent”, says Alexander Piutti, Managing Director and co-founder of POPMOG operator of GameGenetics. Is the desire of the users is reflected clearly after new, attractive online games as offered by POPMOG.

This makes attractive an integration of our games and community functions also for large portals. If you have read about real-estate developer already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We therefore very pleased the integration into the sevenload channels as an extension of the video offer to play online.” Andreas Heyden (COO) CEO, sevenload, stressed: we are very pleased to partner with POPMOG. Within the sevenload channels we continuously expand the range of games, which is due to the entertainment environment by strong demand in the market.” The sevenload users have full access to all functions of the POPMOG browser games portal through cooperation. Medals and Awards reward the players for their successes such as the honor points developed by POPMOG”. These bonus points can be generated by activities on the POPMOG platform or in the games, and it can be used for certain upgrades in the game. In a further step, users will get the Possibility to exchange their points for real prizes. All successes of the player will find continuously updated on the personal gamer card, which can be integrated in the future also in the own profiles on various social networks, your own homepage or Forum signatures.

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