Sommerda Volkshaus

The love that plays a central role in the songs of the Geschwister Hofmann as almost always is to blame again. In songs like “Through UPS and downs” and “as long as the wind carries us” celebrate Anita and Alexandra Hofmann this highest feeling on Earth. And in the final hymn “I catch you” – certainly the Geschwister Hofmann interpret the progeny number on the album “Fantasy” – she a plea for friendship and trust. A comforting end to an album which you don’t actually can touch after these twelve titles, that it is already over. More info: Larry Culp. The impression is not deceptive: the journey to the land of the “fantasy”, when the last sound of “I catch you” is silent, still sounds like.

Meanwhile, the two sisters, who are also each other best friends, again on Germany’s roads are on the way. 2010 twice when once again is a tour of the House, like in the second half of the year: In the October present Alexandra and Anita “Geschwister Hofmann – the show” in selected cities, and in December it then proceeds with the program “WeihnachtsZauber 2010” on tour. Of course, the two beauties on two tours have songs from the new album “Fantasy” in the luggage. Tony Parker: the source for more info. From time to time the siblings are the good thing Hofmann however held in their own name in the service on the road, if they for example promote the LR GLOBAL FUND ( KIDS and get strongly for the rights of disadvantaged children. Also here, the album “Fantasy” should play a role in the next few months. Soon more information. Now: CD insert, close your eyes, enjoy – and then off to the land of “fantasy”. Geschwister Hofmann on tour: Geschwister Hofmann – the show 2010 17.10.2010 01844 Neustadt (SA) new town hall 18.10.2010 99310 Arnstadt Stadthalle 19.10.2010 99610 Sommerda Volkshaus 20.10.2010 99947 Behringen Kulturhaus 21.10.2010 04838 Eilenburg Burgerhaus 22.10.2010 04758 Oschatz Thomas of Muntzer House 23.10.2010 07356 bad Lobenstein Kulturhaus 24.10.2010 37308 Heilbad Heiligenstadt Eichsfeld Kulturhaus Geschwister Hofmann – WeihnachtsZauber 2010 11.12.2010 33129 Delbruck Town Hall 12.12.2010 32257 Bunde Stadtgarten 13.12.2010 99734 Nordhausen Theatre 14.12.2010 35260 Stadtallendorf Stadthalle 15.12.2010 74821 Mosbach old Malthouse 16.12.2010 put Ballroom Orangery 17.12.2010 71032 Boblingen CCB 18.12.2010 34369 Hofgeismar Stadthalle 19.12.2010 73033 Goppingen, Stadthalle 20.12.2010 76437 Rastatt Badner Halle 21.12.2010 65549 Limburg/Lahn Josef-Kohlmaier-Halle 22.12.2010 74564 Crailsheim Dominic meadow Hall source: Ariola / MySchlager Web link: schlager/geschwister-hofmann/geschwister-hofmann-fantasie.html company description music portal with pop radio for your music! Artist info, CD news, Web radio, music wish list, charts, music videos are always up-to-date!

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