Spa Treatments

Winter in Bekasovo by a variety of recreational activities, competitions and concerts in honor of the holiday season. Spring – a time when a child needs to regain strength and stock up on vitamins. That is why the spring in conjunction Bekasovo Children are provided a variety of SPA-treatments: herbal teas, mineral water, oxygen cocktails, inhalation, conifers and iodine-bromine baths, physio and hydrotherapy. This will allow your child to relieve fatigue, regain vigor and activity. Walking and outdoor games are also good for your health.

It is known that sports improve skin tone and promote the formation of hormones joy. In Bekasovo children have the opportunity to attend training and gym or aqua aerobics classes. Also in our complex has a football pitch, tennis court, table tennis and pool tables, organized by the rental of various sports equipment: scooters, bicycles, etc. For our youngest guests a children's house and a variety of animated and children's SPA-program. Summer in Bekasovo – it's all sorts of outdoor activities. Every day of the arrival of children waiting for interesting events: creative clubs, sports, gaming and developing training courses, swimming pools and ponds, entertainment, watching movies and cartoons, discos and much drugoe.Letom in Bekasovo never boring! Sending a child to the complex Bekasovo, you can always be sure that it is under the supervision of experienced educators, psychologists and trainers. In addition, you can always easy to contact us or visit your children, because the complex Bekasovo located near Moscow, just a few hours away from home. Recently Tony Parker sought to clarify these questions.

You can also organize a trip to Bekasovo your child and his school friends. Bekasovo – It is convenient and easy, because you do not want to draw a lot of documents or passport. In the complex Bekasovo your child is not just a good time, but also have the opportunity to realize themselves creatively and display their talents. Resorts in Bekasovo organically combined with training. Your child will be able to attend not only to gyms, but also courses in English or needlework. Give your child a good rest!

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