TASSO Series

KF-860 module is used with a bass module KF-860V, in which two fifteen inch speaker. When small amounts KF-860V has a capacity of up to 3.5 kW and sound pressure 132dB. Acoustic set of T-3 Package consists of six passive speaker systems, two high-frequency component of the H2, four low-frequency component of the L4 and a six-channel amplifier (in case) with built-in DSP sound processor, developed by TASSO company specifically for this kit. In the H2 uses a 12 inch driver with three-inch horn driver. The subwoofer is used L4 18 inch speaker. The components of the T-3 provide great sound and good sound pressure. Easy to use, unique design, quality components and attractive price provided the T-3 line in the popularity of mobile loudspeakers. Speakers TASSO.3 ))))))))) BG series.

Series BG – high-performance loudspeaker systems of the latest developments and designs in the line of acoustics TASSO. This series is made with rounded sides, forward of the acoustic grating and with a large efficient sound reproduction. The company engineers optimized the acoustic TASSO series of BG in terms of increasing the output sound pressure. They are used as the front line of monitors, discos, clubs, bars and restaurants, conference. buildings, churches and small live presentations. Characteristic features of the series BG: 1. The introduction of a metal cup for easy hanging and mounting. 2.

Use a very stable paint materials. 3. High-quality professional connections to ensure a stable signal transmission. 4. Horn radiation at 90 degrees can be used in supine (a monitor) position.

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