Traveling the Past and Future

I do not want: When someone wants, you travel into the past or the future, one would have wished that things in the past would have developed otherwise, wishing to change the facts, also want the future to be of this or that way wanders between past and future. However, the past is not true now was true in some time, but no longer exists. For even more analysis, hear from Author. The future may be true at some point, currently it is not true. The only truth is the present, the eternal present. Meditation is seeking Eternal Truth, therefore he should not want to practice, we be in the here and now, from moment to moment, in the eternal present. No time: the preoccupation with time, for the partition that has been invented, is the root of many conflicts. We have divided all, even to teach the process of meditation has had to split the explanation.

However, the time for the Implementation and union of the four-dimensional Einstein and may well prove necessary to make the realization of the absolute continuity of the whole, without separation, and one of the biggest obstacles is the time involved, for it not time, is not the whole division, one being the same and all be one whole. No time is one of the most important achievements seen as a dimension without separation of space and not as a clock to which we are accustomed. No fear: Fear is the concatenation of thoughts, human beings to develop and we add the thoughts of endless growth analysis.

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