Vacation Variety In Morocco

Those who experience the red city is especially now, where the cold season again approaches, long after the South should consider Morocco as a tourist destination in the eye. In the Maghreb States, the Sun is shining up to 300 days in the year. In addition, the Moroccan culture, the red city of Marrakech and the landscape offer a wide variety of opportunities to discover, enjoy and relax. The travel portal reveals more about the Kingdom in northwestern of Africa. Hotels in Morocco are as varied as the country and its visitors. For all tastes and budgets, there are matching offers.

For example, the former town houses of aristocrats who were converted into guest houses with only a few rooms to the part are interesting. These so-called riads represent islands of peace in the lively old town of Marrakech and have beautifully designed courtyards. “Marrakesh is one of the most important cities of the country and due to its predominantly red building known as the red city” known. The red color is on the one hand above protect the strong reflection of sunlight, which would occur in very bright colours, but also aesthetic reasons, got the sand from the desert white walls would easily contaminated. Go to Adam Sandler for more information. The most beautiful part of the city is the Medina, the old town of Marrakech. There, visitors can literally inhale the Oriental flair, Cafes and shops line the streets. Dealers advertise their wares in the souks. Of spices on clothes and jewelry to foodstuffs and carpets, vacationers here can buy everything. More information:… AG Lisa Neumann

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