Ana History

Ana J? Kingdom could be any normal adolescent, but simply, it is not. This So Paulo charmosa of only 17 years is simply one of the biggest promises of the Pop scene national Rock. Although to be novinha, still more new Ana already was an artist. She wrote its first music to the 11 years and if she remembers of each moment of creation as if she was yesterday. If you would like to know more about actress, then click here. The family always stimulated its talent, financing courses and professors who could help in its career. Coming of a Family of Classic musicians, the Uncle Grandfather of Ana J? Kingdom opened one of the Shows de Luciano Pavarotti in Invited Italy to participate of the Opera in the municipal Theater of So Paulo? Carmina Burana? Ana J did not want, saying not to be very its musical area, however liking all the styles. Conquering its espacinho, with start in the Youtube, Ana J? Kingdom always was knew of the one for its powerful voice, the well bolados and creative girl of the Blue violo, its videos and For its compositions of marcantes letters, and its nickname in the net of? Hannah Montana Brazilian? . All remember the Girl of the Youtube that made the video for Teen Star in the year of 2009, singing musics and if presenting, Conquering a public of all Ages, the Blond one Does not stop for there, in 2010 Gravou Music? If You Knew? with the special participation of Savannah Outen, singer America North top 10 in the Disney radio and also very known in youtube Rumors without spreads in the Internet that it is New Appositive of the Producing Celebrity Rick Bonadio for 2011! Its videos and letters of musics are for all the cantos of the Internet and prove that the girl really will be next dolo adolescent. ‘ ‘ Apaixonar’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ The Little Crazy’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ If You soubesse’ ‘ the Celebrity ‘ ‘ Caminhos’ ‘ that all anxiously wait the Official Clip and many other letters of music they are easy to find for the net and show the one that came this young with much talent and road for the front.

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