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Throughout his life as an entrepreneur, creator as the leader will need advice. Whether the company is in its infancy, at a stage of advanced development phase precession or difficulties, the decision maker needs to find clear answers to her questions and advised to be accompanied. San Antonio Spurs usually is spot on. But surf “entrepreneurship” is not obvious, and too often, too much information kills information. Become a leader or assignor, to develop its business, employees, etc.. it is learned. The group Libbra has deliberately partitioned these large sets of information in choosing a portal by theme contractor. is one of the portals of the range offered Libbra . The legal, accounting, tax advice communication, management, marketing, franchising, in IT, business events … all advice is good to take on. Collaborative centralized advising companies, rides the wave of Web 2.0. Because contractors can only advise other entrepreneurs, anyone can register for free on the site for information on his consulting business, providing practical answers to some frequently asked questions, attest to his tricks, the present role of its main partners in managing their business. Already online on the Zine of the entrepreneur: Tax shield: few details, the financial crisis it is the victim of accounting standards, Being a good manager today’s new tax planned for 2009 … About Libbra Libbra is a registered service firms specializing in Business to Business. To meet the needs of business leaders today, Libbra brand is the initiative of several webzines collaborative focused onCompany. Thematic web portals information published by the mark Libbra . The concept Libbra is to provide businesses with practical tools online, as well as information purified by sector of activity of each contractor. Motto: Simplicity, Usability, Privacy, Access.

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