Borrstadt Visitors

Successful party attracted many visitors to the Pergola of Borrstadt Community Hall, August 18, 2012. Who even looks special, instead of only in the restaurant to eat, witnessed much party in Borrstadt in the malls. Probably inspired a Mallorca, party party in Borrstadt arose the idea of the malls. When, at the beginning of the party, mainly German pop songs from the speakers, the entry of the party succeeded on the evening of 18 August this year, a few visitors came to the. Later in the evening, the visitors heard English and international songs.

Pop of folk art broke with some who were there but not too loud. The light on the Pergola was produced by some electric lamps that were installed on the roof of the Pergola, and laterally by oil lamps, the lighting created the necessary atmosphere to the Festival. The atmosphere was underscored by a few blooming flowers in pots, and small water inflated tires that were hung on the rafters of the Pergola. Food could visitors Knabbergeback like chio chips in Plastic bags. Most likely were the songs from a CD. The visitors at three large tables with chairs that were parallel sat in sociable round in the Pergola of the Town Hall. Visitors and students from buckets with straws together in the round drank the wine Sagrina”, occasionally – seen drinking visitors and inside sweet liqueur made from small vials.

There by Bitburger beer in small quarter-litre bottles, and who wanted to drink something else got plastic cups. At the booth next to the Pergola visitors could buy the drink, that you drank wanted to, because it was self-service. Steffen Dirksen served the guests with family and team there. The end of the day the Pergola managed many with rollicking mood. Outside, in the evening, it was still very warm. Many young people came to the party. For drinks and food was well catered. The wading pool filled with water in the course of the party was to throw people. This was made by tugging inside with two people left and right and should be as Serve party gag, or by entering into the respective persons in the moist wet. This action it was ever that broke a plastic chair. Walter Muller

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