Mount Alverna Hermitage

The Hermitage at Mount Alverna Hermitage at Mount Alverna is a landmark in the city of New Bight, which is located on the island of Cat. The Hermitage was planned and executed the priest Jerome in the Celtic-Mediterranean style 1939. For the construction of the Hermitage has been chosen is the highest point in the Bahamas – Mount Alverna. Around the Hermitage – the amazing scenic spots. On the mountain top is very beautiful. Hermitage – it is not the only building designed by Jerome's father. He built monasteries and temples in various parts of the Bahamas. Cat on the island is the Catholic Church of the Redeemer, also built by Jerome.

Father Jerome was buried in 1956 in vicinity of the Hermitage at Mount Alvernia.Sinie hole, the island of Andros Blue Holes, which can be seen on the island of Andros is not only a landmark Bahamas, but the sight of a world scale. In place blue holes the water is dark navy blue, which is associated with great depth. These holes are the entrances to the flooded maze with lots of galleries and passages. Experienced divers come here on the island to see this underwater maze of caves and amazing. By hypothesis, scientists, blue holes were formed 130 million years ago. Strange swirls in the Blue Holes has always frightened the local population, which are the cause of prilivy.Memorialny garden sculptures loyalist loyalist memorial garden sculptures located in the resort Abakos near Albert Lowe Museum.

Creator of the museum is Alton Lowe. The Museum was built with funds collected by the Historical Society New Plymouth. Memorial garden dedicated to the loyalist sculptures for people who have played an important role in the history of Abakosa. There are 24 residents of the Bahamas busts, sculptures, arranged in a circle in the center are two statues of girls. One of them is white, the other – is black. One holds the conch is a symbol Bahamas, the other – the flag of Great Britain. This architectural ensemble symbolizes a new beginning for the Bahamas. Memorial garden loyalist – a museum, which is often visited by tourists who come to the island Abakos, and his visit included tours of many excursions.

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