Breast Enlargement Surgery

Before surgery, you should definitely talk to your surgeon about all the risks and long-term prospects of a breast augmentation. Get advice from an experienced-more aesthetic plastic surgeon and treated. The method will work with which the surgeon, the implant will depend on your anatomy and the evaluation of the expert. The incision can be either in the breast crease, around the areola (the nipple will be), or carried out under the armpit. An unconventional method, the incision through the navel, which is rarely used. Surgery with incisions below the armpit or through the belly button are usually performed endoscopically. The surgeon will usually make every effort to place the incision scar so that it is as invisible as possible and can be seen, therefore, difficult. Through the incision, the surgeon introduces the tools and lifts the breast tissue, either above or below the chest muscle. In the pocket formed by the doctor now positioned the implant andit depends from the nipples. Some surgeons are of the opinion that the placement can reduce breast implant behind the muscle, the risk of capsular contraction. Another advantage of placing behind the pectoral muscle is that the implant is therefore not cause problems at a later Mammogram. However, the implant can be positioned behind the pectoral muscle greater post-operative pain than a conventional lead placement under the pectoral muscle. Breast augmentation is performed in most cases under general anesthesia. In rare cases, local anesthesia is used, which is connected but with a higher risk of post-operative bleeding.

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