broadway theatre

In every city we are always somewhere representative of the same, this time talking about Broadway shows to us as the great icon of history and evolution of urban culture in a big city as is New York. Broadway is a street located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, this street is currently characterized by its glamor and high costs whether to lease or buy, in this street is located the well-known circuit of 39, bone 39 theaters New York representative, although in reality on the streets of Broadway are just six of them. Broadway is known for its theatrical presentations that experts say are the best at present, although it should be noted that in most Broadway theater performances are musical acts. Some of the most famous stars known in the acting world now have passed through Broadway, some of these as Antonio Banderas, Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, James Dean and Robert Redford. It also said that many of these have been listed first Broadway than in Hollywood, this is the case of Christopher Reeve who debuted on Broadway in 1974, there happened to personify known repeatedly to “Superman.” According to the above Broadway not only appears as a street in the big city, but also as a platform for finding new talent. We can say that every student in the U.S.

performance debut on Broadway think through the opportunities it presents to an acting career. Broadway’s economic data are quite good, as they show that tourists spent during 2007, some $ 935 million in theaters alone, this means that the figure can go from 1 billion if you add the hotel costs. All these data confirm that Broadway is also a great source of both entertainment and tourism. In New York there are other streets that have curious names like Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway with these in order to draw visitors’ attention, since in these streets there are theaters to go. Broadway is so famous now that the actor and director Woody Allen decided to make a movie called “Broadway Danny Rose”, where with the participation of Mia Farrow and through dramatic comedy shows Woody’s childhood in the 40 environment, complemented the atmosphere with jazz music of the old era of Broadway. As you can see Broadway is an important and iconic representations of both theatrical and cultural development of New York, so much so that the city has appointed cultural heritage of humanity. Currently Broadway is presented as an excellent choice for tourism thanks to theatrical performances, not to mention the network’s Manhattan hotel to admire, so there’s no excuse not to visit Broadway or at least not now.

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