Father George

"As you wish." – My father shrugged his shoulders. Until I got the camera, opened the doors, trunk, hood, glove box, an assistant lit incense. The priest, waving his bonnet before the smoking censer, and muttering a prayer, went to a huge seven-seater minivan bypass. Next ritual continued sprinkling of holy water. Sprinkled all that you can sprinkle a little and the outside and inside the car, my friend turned to me, to photograph the entire process.

"You sprinkle a little? Vodicka saint for all the ills helps.. Contact information is here: San Antonio Spurs. " Deciding that it will not be worse, I bared my head and slightly bent. Rector of the church with all the generosity shook with his "brush" so much water that it was even stiff collar. Ugh! "Well, that's all." – Said my father is human, but not "Church Slavonic" voice. "But seek refuge in our Lord, and observe the rules!" – He said instructively.

"How much?" – Out of habit I asked. "What what?" – Asked the priest. "How much should a .." "My son …" – interrupted me father. "We have a rite of money do not take. If you want you can donate to the temple. "Skinflint I did not, and has already said goodbye, his father George suddenly smiled a broad, boyish smile. "A machine can see?" – He asked a little ingratiating question, which accurately know the experienced motorist. The priest removed his ceremonial apron and took a church behind the wheel. While he was in the driver's seat primerivalsya, trying to control everything and pressing, with children's delight, the various buttons, I also asked him: – "And you have some machine?". – "Yeah, too right-hand drive Japanese. Only the old, yet the eighties. While all are: the automatic transmission, and air conditioning. Everything works fine not what the "Niva", that was before it. "-" The non-machine. Remember how Zadornov said. "-" God keeps us all! "- Father smiled. And suddenly, out of the car, quickly said goodbye, trotted to the cathedral. Assistant, pretty wet, too. "Icon still buy!" – He cried more since the middle of Cathedral Square. Okay, I'll be safe. I do not know whether it really helped the ceremony, then I just calmed down and stopped paying attention to all sorts of stuff, but since then a week of driving I only get the pleasure. Therefore, all advise: buying a car, be sure to "sanctify" it. Just for your peace of mind. However, even after passing ceremony, do not forget the words of Father George: "At Lord trust also, and observe the rules! "And yet, follow the wish of the Japanese – contact with anyone, not just the Japanese, car care … and all will be – Okay!

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