Rossini Rossini

At that time, Rossini created perfect comic musical gender. Rossini had on hand, and in this first stage, a very great singers who thought at the time of developing the melody of the characters, considering the possibilities of their voices. They were singers like Marietta Marcolini, Philip and Paolo Galli Rosich. It reminds us that s us innate talent for music will soon be reflected at the premiere in Venice, at the age of 18, his opera “The Marriage Contract” is aim, it was not his first opera, as they already at the age of 14 years, had composed “Demetrius and Polyphemus.” The decade of the twenties Rossini will bring many happy moments, from marriage to his girlfriend Isabella Colbran (mezzo-soprano, who released his romantic operas, became his wife in 1822, having been her lover), to achieve international recognition through in Paris he was offered the post of prime Composer of the King. France also will surrender to his feet, with his opera “William Tell” the best example of this success, introducing now, at this stage French ballet numbers in his works. Some of the works of Rossini, conservative by nature but by its enormous dimensions innovative creators, provides the basis for Romantic composers developed by his successors. We add that elgrado vocal difficulty Rossinianas operas is so extreme that, since the mid-nineteenth century until the seventies of the next, many of his works were impossible to sing, until the beginning of “super-cantantes” such as Giulietta Simionato, Renato Capecchi, Francisco Araiza, Rockwell Blake, Marilyn Horne, Samuel Ramey, etc., emulating the great Giovanni Davide, Philip Galli, Gertrude Andrea Giorgi-Righetti and Nozzari originally targeted by the obrascSe knows that in 1816, premiered at the Teatro Argentina in Rome with a magnificent Sterbini Cesare argument, the work that is considered one of the five most famous in the world today. ..

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