Getting Close Now

1. Do it quietly! DJs fade away – this is a well-known fact. Controls the overall volume of the music you are listening to. 2. Develop a taste in music Listen to music a lot and different. 3. 'You open frequency on the new, cutting at ending on the squares' Meet with the professional jargon.

4. Performance When you visit a club or other places where the DJ plays, pay attention to his work. Notice the perebitovku, the way the information to work with the equalizer. 5. Club vs.

friend's house Decide for yourself what, where and for whom are you going to play. 6. Foundation briefly acquainted with the fact that such a sound, where does it come as a spread. It bears a musical education, work experience with musical equipment, knowledge of acoustics and sound engineering experience. 7. To expand the horizon of education find literature about the origin of the profession and the history of its development. Listen sets, see the video from the events, keep an eye on innovations in technology. 8. Key people Find among your friends and DJs, sound engineers, radio, sales at stores music, musicians, workers' clubs. They can give you a lot of interesting and useful information. 9. Show yourself very often Radio DJs organize schools. Take part in these events. Often there is no need for special skills and knowledge. Need only a strong desire and adequacy. 10. Hardware Ugly theory is not enough. Buy or rent equipment and start practicing. 11. Act! Please be brave and go up to the DJ, whose work you like. Asked to teach the basics. The chances increase if you're a girl. For more information on this topic, as well as FREE audio seminar, visit our website. Yaykarov Salavat Partial or full use of the material articles is only possible with an indication of the author and the website address Any other commercial use is allowed only with the prior written permission.

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