How To Protect Car From Theft

Car is located so that the car owner was easy to adjust settings not being distracted while driving. This convenience has a downside – the attacker does not need to spend much time on her recovery. Most simple way to penetrate into the car – to break the glass and pull the tape recorder. Do not provoke a robber, try to take away from the car valuables that may attract attention. Scare away a burglar can flashing LED signaling. Shock resistant film thickness of 380 microns can also save from theft – the film will not break the glass. Tinted glass can also warn a thief from trying to penetrate into the car because he could not see an empty car or not. The most common protection against theft of car radios is a removable panel (eg, Pioneer Deh P40MP).

Do not leave the removed panel under the seat or in the glove compartment – all these places are known thieves. Removable "Muzzle" is very common, but they do not give an absolute guarantee against theft, because the car radio today, "drag" and no panels. The panel itself can be bought at any flea market for a tiny amount. One of the reliable ways to protect the car radio – a system to "skid" when the model is removed completely. This system has one disadvantage – radio cassette player will have to carry around, it will not put it in his pocket.

But now these little radio release. There are models where the time off, the front panel turns the radio, giving the appearance of absence. Experienced thieves can easily calculate such systems. Code radio, for example, has a large degree of protection. Without knowing the code, an attacker can not use the radio. But you have too. One of the most advanced methods – the use of magnetic cards, without which the audio will not work. Street thief is unlikely to have the skills to hack an electronic protection. You can install a sound system, completely screwing her. Fast "pulling out" in this case will not help. But there is a possibility that the robber (and often – freak-kid), angry, hurt, "torpedo". Often suggest to hide the radio, setting it in a regular place, but a few inches deeper, and fabricated the "bezel" that looks like a normal plug. Be careful – do not leave the vehicle unattended, use a car alarm, and not draw attention autothieves, leaving the car radio in sight.

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