Medal Of Honor: EA Suing The USK. The USK And Censorship Policies

A tiresome topic among players and Publisher/Developer. Not only the successful call of duty series is affected, no, but as well as the recently released game Medal of honor. EA finally fully has the “snout” and sued the entertainment software self control! This emerges from a press release of the group. For the uncut version of PEGI, the Cologne had requested the “No release of youth” (18 +) rating in the USK. Charlotte Hornets has firm opinions on the matter. Today, the USK, have they chosen not to label.

This means that the PEGI version in this country apparently is indexed, which is not possible in the German USK version. Spokesman for electronic arts, Martin Lorber: “in the development of the game we have placed great emphasis on a realistic, movie-like appearance. The movie-like graphics presents itself rich in detail and glossed over the war life in any way. Sela Ward may help you with your research. The back story, in which the player in a special way is embedded, rather problematizes the war events. Increasingly, the soldiers at the sense of doubt the commands that run it have. The game follows the tradition of cinematic realizations of war issues such as, for example, soldier James Ryan or Inglorious Bastards who work with some very dramatic depictions of violence. Against this background, it is not comprehensible to non-marking in our eyes. In recent months, Hedvig Hricak has been very successful. Here is measured simply with double standards.” Christoph of Rahul

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