The construtivista theory has been subject of some studies in some areas of knowledge as: Psychology, Pedagogia, Philosophy among others. This occurs due its importance in the intellectual development of the human being. The theory Construtivista de Piaget has as focus the development of the human being since its first contacts with the world, therefore according to this theory the development alone is possible thanks to relation of the being with the external world, that is, intelligence evolves by means of a indissocivel contribution enters the proper factors of the exterior contributions and the internal factors of its organization. In the intellectual development of the human being some factors must be observed, therefore they are important points so that if it makes analysis or reflection on this phenomenon between them we can cite: the biological maturation, the social and educative experiences, transmissions and the equilibrao. The maturation has an important paper, therefore it plays a necessary role formation of the mental structures, already the experience in the construtivismo is gradual action and construction of structures, in relation to the third factor it is necessary to have assimilation so that it has possibility of transmission between the people, leading for the education between the educator and the pupil. The equilibrao essential factor in the intellectual development of if the human one is considered by Piaget as an active process of auto-regulation.

This process rests in bigger probabilities each time of sequential conquests. A more steady balance consists essentially of a composition that is mobile e, over all is reversible (it leaves to have a unidirectional direction) occurs for the relation enters the assimilation (process for which the individual transforms the way for satisfaction of its necessity) and room (reorganization them assimilation projects). Piaget divided in three periods of training the intellectual development: the first period is sensrio-engine; as it is divided in two: daily pay-operatrio and operatrio concrete and the third and last formal operatrio.

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