Richard Koch

A continuation I name different ways to determine 20% and how we can undo of the unnecessary thing and explode most effective: As I already mentioned previously, the principle of the 80/20 can be applied of two ways: Traditionally a method of quantitative analysis is being used that studies the relation between the data of a cause versus their effect: the diagram of Pareto. A known method less is the one to think in agreement at the beginning of the 80/20. A helps us to constantly make an analysis deep of our decisions, activities and relations. For that we must learn to differentiate those things that are valuable of that they make us waste the time. According to Richard Koch (R. Koch, " The 80/20 Principle". Doubleday, the USA, 1998. P.

161-162), there are quite accurate ways to determine the superfluous activities in our lives: 10 examples of activities that surely make him waste their time: Things that others want that you do? Things that always have been made of a certain way? Things in which it does not have many abilities? Things that you do not enjoy? Things that always are interrupted? Things that interest little people to him? Things that already were delayed twice the time that you hoped? Things in which their collaborators are mediocre or nonreliable? Things that have a predictable cycle? To answer the telephone and to write emails 10 things that normally contribute much value to him: Things that promote the intention for their life. Things that always have wanted to do. Things that already are in 20% that contributes 80% to him. Innovations that will allow him to be more efficient. Things that the others say to him that they are not possible to be done. Things that others have done successfully in a different area. Things that use their own creativity? Things that others can do by you with little time reversal of part hers. Things in which their collaborators are of high quality and work with excellence? Things that he must do now or never. He analyzes all activities and he determines as they are those that make him waste the time. He also discovers to they will transform that it into one more a more efficient person, productive and competitive. Original author and source of the article

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