The Song “June 22 “

June 22, 2011 our country will celebrate the 70th anniversary of one of the darkest dates in our history, the beginning of World War II. A terrible and sorrowful date, but it's a load history of the country, the history of almost every family that did not pass war of his black side. For even more details, read what movie star says on the issue. A year ago, on the site "Oparinskaya Magpie" was posted song performed by Oksana Trubino "22 June". The song is dedicated to 10 Class Oparinskoy High School, who June 21, 1941 celebrated its prom night, and on June 22 began a war that broke all the thoughts, hopes and aspirations of the graduates of this class. And not only them. Poems for a song written Tatiana Tungusova which is the editor of online newspaper, on which the song has been posted.

Music by Vladimir Veske, cultural worker of the village Oparin. When you listen to lyrics "22 June", look at the picture prom 10th grade, which everyone is happy and dressy, such as a new become aware of those events that you know of stories from childhood. Here it is, the collapse of all plans and hopes. Grief and tears in the family. I think that this song should be given to listen to our younger generation. Maybe she written and performed, as they say from the heart, make them realize and understand the horror that fell on the shoulders of their ancestors? Stop the mindless worship of the swastika and the denial of the fact that for the dying on the battlefield, died in the rear of the wounds and hunger? There is much talk about the military – patriotic education of youth. And I think that's through music, through the concrete lives of people and need to spend is the most education. It should not be abstract died during the Great Patriotic War, so much … Of course, it is necessary to know, but feel the pain of the tragedy is hardly possible.

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