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The Guide “what women of strippers can learn. A woman is to be an art…”by Carolina Teleuca has just been released in the Solibro Verlag. Every woman has ever asked why some people are happy with their partner and succeed in life, while others can only dream. This book helps women to practice the life attitude of a student. Because of strippers, a lot can be not only learn – how they appealing affect men, but especially as you can make his life generally independent, successful and thus also happier. Contrary to popular opinion, the author of Carolina Teleuca sees her time as a stripper as a “School of life” in the positive sense. That is not to say that the readers should now pull and drop there your hull in the nearest nightclub. Although the author is also an insight into the ‘arms of the strippers’.

It’s more about in this book what you can learn from strippers for the “normal life”. This book will help specifically here, true wishes to identify, resolve blockages and to follow the heart. “Since everything is possible if you only afford!”, as the credo of the author. And of course: “a woman is to be an art. Never listen to, to be an artist.” Topics include BC: – what men women don’t like – what men women love and erotic – how I program my subconscious mind? -What should I do in partnerships? -How can I find my true goals and achieve them also? -The arms of strippers bibliographic data Carolina Teleuca: What can learn women of strippers. There is an art to be a woman… Munster: Solibro Verlag, 1st Edition 2011 ISBN 978-3-932927-42-3 Br; 21 x 14.8 cm; 208 pp.; 14.95 (D) / 15.40 (A) / 23.50 (SFR) information & excerpts below: available (or can be ordered during the night) in all bookstores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as at Internet booksellers company description of Solibro Verlag is an owner-managed audience-Verlag, the intelligent and entertaining at the same time reading offers, which makes it easy to ignore medial competition more often. Established writers such as the journalist Andreas Altmann, Helge Timmerberg or Guido Eckert provide as subversive as entertaining reading experience with your titles. As well as new authors such as Hans Hermann Sprado, Frank Joricke and regional titles contribute to the diverse publishing program (focus: popular non-fiction, fiction, travel literature, humor, Regionalia).

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